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Máy cắt băng dính M1000

Automatic tape dispenser M1000

Performance &Specifications

·Microcomputer control LED digital display
·Automatic & Semi-automatic mode switchover
·Automatically cut tape of any length
·LED display tape length
·The cutter unit cassette type can be removed and replaced easily. 


 Automatic tape dispenser




Tape Width:  .28" (7mm) to 2.0" (50.8mm)
Cut Length:  .79" (20mm) to 39" (999mm)
Max Roll Diameter:  7" 
Standard Core Holder:  New 3 way core offers 3 sizes standard.
Accuracy of Cut:  +/- .04" (1mm) - (Most materials)
Dimensions:  9.7" x 5.4"x 5.9" LWH (ie. 245x137x150mm)