ICT In Circuit Tester-Q588A

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(1)The test points: Standard configuration: 256(points) can be expanded to 1024 points, 6,5536 points can be customized

(2)The test speed:Open/short circuit:0.5sec/1,024 points

(3)Test range:

a. Resistance0.1Ω ~ 40MΩ ,precision 0.05Ω~100MΩ (The second line)
b. Resistance0.1Ω ~ 40MΩ ,precision 0.05Ω~100MΩ (Four wire type) ±10MΩ
c. Capacitance 100pF ~ 40mF , precision ±2%-5%
d. Inductance 1uH ~ 50H , precision 2%-5%
e. Diodes 0.1 ~ 6V , precision ±1%-3%
f. Stabilized diode 0.1 ~ 14V , precision±1%-3%
g. Vce saturation voltage and β value were measured at three terminals of the transistor
h. Three terminal test of field effect transistorVds, Cds , Rd(on)
i. Photocouplings and relays, test their on-voltage or resistance with four terminals
j. Vce saturation voltage and β value were measured at three terminals of the transistor
k. Polarity test of 3-terminal electrolytic capacitor

(4)Safety protection device: Infrared protection device
(5)Online burning function:Support more than 8 boards online burning function - (optional)

(6)MES back:Traceability function - (optional)

(7)Bar code, two-dimensional code recognition:Equipped with a code scanner

(8)Multiple press test:One machine multi fixture test - (optional)

(9)Automatic detection test:Software Automatic Detection Test - (optional)

(10)Sweep the code to rob:EW - 9200

(11)Equipment size (L*W*H): 820mm*870mm*1760MM Can be customized according to customers

(12)PCBA Size 500mmX350mm

(13)The operating system : Win7_
a. Onda Industrial motherboard, CPU Pentium
b. Memory Kingston 4G
c. Hard drive Kingston 128 solid State
d. LCD :21"

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