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Máy SD-810 (ONLINE)

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Specification parameter


PCB flow direction

Automatic, from left to right, from right to left, can be changed

Width adjustment


Orbit determination

In Front (standard)

NG/OK Signal

Standard NG/OK signal interface


Visual Recognition System

Discriminant Method

Logic algorithm, picture comparison, color image contrast/contour contrast/binary reference contrast, comprehensive application, easy to operate and program

Video Camera

Color industrial camera with 5 million pixels (standard)

Lens resolution 8-20um optional

Light Source

RGB + white light, ring LED structure light source

Image processing speed

0201 CHIP

< 6ms

Test Content

Processing Time per frame

< 100ms (processing time per frame)

Solder paste printing

With or without, skew, less tin, more tin, broken circuit, pollution

SMT component defects

Missing, offset, skewed, standing, sideways, overturned, reverse polarity, wrong part, broken

DIP and SMT solder joint defects

More tin, less tin, even tin, no tin, false solder, tin ball, dross.

Mechanical System

PCB Size

25mm × 25mm ~ 380mm × 480mm (special requirements can be customized)

PCB Thickness


PCB Warpage

< 2mm (with fixture to correct deformation)(customized for special requirements)

Part Height

0.5 mm-25 mm (special requirements can be customized)

Minimum part

01005 element

X, Y platforms

Driving equipment

High precision screw (Taiwan HIWIN silver) , and imported Mitsubishi Servo Motor System

Pinpoint accuracy

<25 um

Moving speed

700mm/S (MAX)

Software System

Operating System

Pre-installation: Microsoft Win 7win10

Identification Control System


Statistical shape modeling, learning OK samples, automatic establishment of standard images, identification data and error threshold


Graphic programming, with its own components library, according to the shape of components selection criteria automatically generated detection box, accurate automatic positioning, micro-level fine-tuning, rapid process


Point Count

Can Choose 2 commonly used Mark points, mosaic multi-Mark function

Recognition speed


Control System

Industrial Control Computer (computer mainframe)

Industrial control computer, Intel i5 CPU, DDR4 8G, HDD 500G solid state drive

Show Up

24 inch LED display

Other parameters

Mechanical Dimensions (L * W * H)

970mm * 1070mm * 1450mm


About 550 KG

Power Supply

AC 220V ± 10% , frequency 50/60Hz, rated power 1.6 kw
(UPS uninterruptible power supply, optional)

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